【键盘侠】大帝遇小加得分难超15-吊打年年有 何时是尽头?

【键盘侠】大帝遇小加得分难超15|吊打年年有 何时是尽头?
Joel Embiid has never scored above 15 points or shot above 40% from the field in a regular season game in which Marc Gasol has played恩比德NBA惯例赛生计遇到小加索尔的时分,得分从未高于15分,命中率也在40%之下。2016-17:- 12 points (4/10 FG, 1/4 3PT, 3/4 FT)2017-18:- 14 points (4/10 FG, 0/2 3PT, 6/6 FT)- 15 points (5/13 FG, 0/2 3PT, 5/9 FT)2018-19:- 15 points (4/13 FG, 0/2 3PT, 7/8 FT)- 14 points (4/15 FG, 0/6 3PT, 6/10 FT)16/17赛季面临小加: 12分(10中4,三分4中1,罚球4中3)17/18赛季面临小加分别是:14分(10中4,三分2中0,罚球6中6)和15分(13中5,三分2中0,罚球9中5)18/19赛季面临小加分别是:15分(13中4,三分2中0,罚球8中7)和14分(15中4,三分6中0,罚球10中6)If we extend this to the playoffs, he’s scored above 15 points only three four times (below 40% from the field in three of those) and above 40% twice.Joel Embiid’s career scoring lines vs. Marc Gasol: 16.1 PPG, 35.9% FG假如咱们扩展的季后赛,他遇上小加只要三四次得分过15,命中率只要两次超越40%。————————[–]76ers _MatisseThybulle 127 指標 12小時前Here’s the karma you ordered76人球迷:这便是一物降一物。[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook RichLeopard 10 指標 12小時前5 games…雷霆球迷:才五场惯例赛吧……[–]Fermats LastAccount 41 指標 12小時前And he’s ignoring the postseason games where he has scored >15 points 4 times.并且楼主还疏忽了恩比德得分超越15的4场季后赛。[–][TOR] Fred VanVleet siakams[S] 4 指標 12小時前Is there any other player that he’s consistently played so poorly against? These games span multiple seasons and multiple teams.猛龙球迷:还有没有其他球员能让恩比德长时刻这么尴尬的?楼主列的这几场竞赛数据跨过了几个赛季,小加也是从灰熊到猛龙。[–]76ers Zedorf91 24 指標 12小時前No there isn’t. Gasol, Horford, Adams, and Gobert are the only guys that can stop him. Gasol has always been the best of them76人球迷:没其他人了。能够冻住恩比德的只要小加、霍福德、亚当斯和戈贝尔。而小加一向是他们之中做得最好的。[–]76ers phillydoop 896 指標 12小時前It’s four times in the playoffs. But it really doesn’t matter, Gasol has always given Embiid trouble and I don’t see that changing with the way Toronto guards Embiid.76人球迷:恩比德季后赛遇到小加有四次体现还不错的。不过也是真不重要了。小加总能给恩比德制作费事,就依照多伦多防卫恩比德的套路来说,我觉得这种局势是得不到改进了。[–]Raptors Laetha 284 指標 11小時前The help and double-teams are what really seems to flummox him. We’ve got absurd length and not a bad defender in our whole rotation. 1-on-1 against Gasol he seems uncomfortable, but when the help comes he seems to want nothing to do with the play.I think some experience at identifying double-teams early and learning to deal with/pass out of them would really help him deal with Gasol.猛龙球迷:咱们的协防和包夹形似真的让恩比德很茫然。咱们的高度太强了,整个轮转下来没有防卫欠好的。并且恩比德1对1打小加的时分如同很不安闲,不过当协防过来时,他形似就没有进犯愿望了。我觉得,有了早早识破包夹的经历,学会在包夹下出球的话,恩比德就能更懂得怎么去抵挡小加。[–]76ers phillydoop 156 指標 11小時前The problem is that his whole setup is slow. He doesn’t have a great one dribble move, he needs to more time to setup and the Raptors aren’t letting him do that. Not many players can’t take away the positioning like Gasol/Horford can. Oddly enough Kanter is also pretty good at it. The other major issue is that Embiid is pretty bad passing out of double teams to begin with.Gasol takes positioning away from Embiid, won’t bite on his fakes (usually) and is smart enough to not get baited into fouls. They should really just run different sets against Gasol but the team needs to learn the regular offense first.76人球迷:问题在于恩比德的进攻落位太慢了。他的运一步发动并不超卓,他需求更多的时刻落位,猛龙可不容许。像小加和霍福德这种长于卡住方位的球员并不多。奇怪的是,坎特这方面倒也做的蛮好。恩比德其他的大问题在于他面临包夹时的出球。小加总能在和恩比德的对立中站住方位,又不吃假动作(一般状况),并且他很聪明,不大会被对手造犯规。76人真应该针对小加演练不同的进攻套路,不过首要仍是得学会惯例进攻手法。[–]Shay THEKLAW 38 指標 9小時前I think Gasol just doesn’t like to jump so no one can fake him我觉得小加不吃假动作是由于他不喜爱跳……[–]76ers phillydoop 28 指標 9小時前This might be more true than some of us want to admit, but at least he is tall enough that it works for him.76人球迷:或许这才是本相,不过他至少够高啊,这就管用了。[–]Claws RR 16 指標 10小時前This is why JJ was so important. The JJ Embiid hand offs drew Marc out of the paint and got Embiid going to the basket with a head full of steam.所以说雷迪克的重要性这就凸显出来了。他和恩比德的手递手能够把小加招引出油漆区,然后恩比德能够假势猛冲篮下。[–]76ers phillydoop 15 指標 9小時前Correct. And that just isn’t something you can easily recreate. JJ is on the of the best shooters of all time and maybe the best off balance shooter. Which was key since the Embiid hand offs weren’t always great.76人球迷:正确。这种操作可不是垂手可得做到的。雷迪克毕竟是联盟最尖端的射手之一,乃至是身体失衡状态下的最强投手。这是很要害的,由于恩比德的手递手并不总是那么稳。[–]walodapat1 651 指標 12小時前Marc" Call me Papi "Gasol right there.这便是马克-“叫我爸比”-加索尔[–]Wizards nova2006 295 指標 12小時前Sixers is going to trade for Gasol奇才球迷:76人怕是要把小加买卖到队里了[–]76ers LeveonNumber1 24 指標 10小時前I thought we fixed this shit when we got Horford, I guess we need to get Embiid’s other Daddy Gasol over in Philly as well.76人球迷:之前还认为得到霍福德之后就能处理恩比德怕霍福德的缺点,现在看来,咱还得把恩比德的另一个爸比加索尔搞过来才行。[–]Raptors jps78 123 指標 12小時前This is the way猛龙球迷:便是这个思路[–]Hornets Ochikobore 18 指標 11小時前Honestly they should just trade away Simmons, Richardson, and Tobias Harris for a five centers lineup lol黄蜂球迷:那说真的,76人应该把西蒙斯、理查德森、哈里斯都送出来,组成一支五中锋阵型,哈哈哈[–]Hawks Rabidgoat1 7 指標 7小時前Back to the 2015 Sixers lineup老鹰球迷:那不就回到了14/15赛季76人那套阵型。————————[–]Bulls BigPoppaPuff 3167 指標 12小時前Marc Gasol has had a phenomenal career.公牛球迷:小加索尔现已取得了一个现象级的职业生计[–]Raptors Arthurs_Boi 1217 指標 10小時前For real, he’s one of the best big men of his generation, and I can’t wait to see him get inducted into the Hall of Fame.猛龙球迷:还真是,他是他那代球员里最强内线之一,我很想看到他进名人堂。[–]Raptors ilikeslamdunks 243 指標 9小時前His NBA career is fringe but when you add the International play its gets into lock territory. The Championship last year didnt hurt either.猛龙球迷:单看他的NBA生计,他只能算是名人堂边际,不过你要是加上国家队体现,那就稳进了。[–]Rockets Protheanate 1014 指標 8小時前*LOL fringe?? Whos man is thisHe’s been a perennial DPOY candidate, 3x All Star, multiple All NBA teams and is one of the best passing big men league history.He was also the star on a perennial playoff team in Memphis.火箭球迷:呵呵呵,边际?您算哪位啊小加终年都是年度最佳防卫人候选,3次进入全明星,屡次进入赛季最佳阵,并且仍是联盟史上最拿手传球的内线之一。他是从前那支比年进季后赛的灰熊里的头牌啊。[–]Raptors crazy_frog 45 指標 6小時前He’s right though, if you exclude Marc’s international accolades then his NBA career in its own isn’t really strong enough to be a HoF lock. He’s not a perennial DPOY candidate as he’s only finished top 10 in voting the year he won it. Multiple All NBA teams is 2 times, which is good but not outwardly. His stat totals aren’t all that impressive either compared to other NBA exclusive HoF players.Maybe the closest comparison in terms of NBA accolades is Mo Cheeks? And would probably consider MO as one of the weaker profiles on the HoF list.猛龙球迷:人家也没说错,假如不算小加的国家队荣誉,那仅凭他的NBA生计,进名人堂还真算不上铁板钉钉。他并不是终年都是最佳防卫人候选,由于他只要一次被投进前10,那便是他中选那一年。你说的屡次进入赛季最佳阵也便是两次,还不错,但算不上有多杰出。比起其他名人堂遗珠型球员来说,他的生计总数据也不算亮光。就NBA生计成果来讲,最能拿来与之比较的或许是莫里斯-奇克斯?不过奇克斯的名人堂经历相对其他名人堂成员来说,算是比较昏暗的。[–]Huskies RileyCola 622 指標 8小時前*3x all star, 2x all NBA, DPOY, first team defence, all rookie, NBA championship is what he’s won for anyone curious. Then his euro awards are Spanish league champion, MVP, all league and euroscar player of the year.3次全明星,2次赛季最佳阵,1次赛季最佳防卫人,1次赛季最佳防卫阵一阵,最佳新秀阵,1次NBA总冠军,这便是小加的成果。然后他的欧洲成便是西班牙联赛冠军、MVP、联赛最佳阵型和欧洲篮球先生。[–]Nuggets TheSupergrass 161 指標 6小時前Yeah, that’s definitely HOF material掘金球迷:对啊,这肯定是名人堂资料了。[–]Suns RasputinSpaghetti 262 指標 8小時前I mean Ben Wallace is a 4x DPOY, 4x All Star multiple All NBA teams and a champion as well and he isn’t in. Chris Webber isn’t in either. I think Marc will make it, but on the strength of just his NBA career alone it isn’t an absolute lock. Add in int’l and it is.太阳球迷:我觉得吧,人家本-华莱士4次中选赛季最佳防卫人,4次进入全明星,屡次赛季最佳阵,也有一个总冠军,可他没进名人堂。克里斯-韦伯也是。我认为小加会进,但是就单说他NBA生计的话没那么稳妥。[–][DET] Olden Polynice moonguidex 24 指標 5小時前Ben Wallace absolutely should be in the HOF, it’s insane that he isn’t.活塞球迷:大本肯定该进名人堂的,没进太扯了[–]Booby_McTitties 204 指標 8小時前Ben Wallace was simultaneously the best defensive player and the worst offensive player to get significant minutes in the league.当年联盟里取得满足多进场时刻的球员里,本-华莱士既是防卫最强的,也是进攻最菜的。[–]kustoo 93 指標 6小時前Dennis Rodman has entered the chat罗德曼进入了群聊。[–]SEE_RED 57 指標 6小時前Rodman got buckets in his early days then he stopped. That’s not Ben罗德曼生计前期仍是能得分的。华莱士就不同了。[–]GjoniGjoni28 14 指標 7小時前People that say Melo ain’t a HOFer有人还说甜瓜进不了名人堂[–]Hawks jvstinf 49 指標 6小時前They are stupid.老鹰球迷:这种人便是蠢。[–]Raptors cliu91 95 指標 4小時前So happy to see him get a ring, and a ring with us nonetheless!猛龙球迷:看到小加拿到戒指真是快乐,并且仍是和咱们一同![–]Cavaliers DeanBlandino 12 指標 1小時前He not only got a ring, but he was a serious contributor to that ring. Always loved his game and am so happy he got to show the world what he could do.骑士球迷:他可不止是拿戒指这么简略,他还做出了重要贡献。我一向都喜爱看他打球,看到他能向全世界展现自己的才能真是快乐啊[–]Pistons Beast-2 121 指標 5小時前Crazy that a pair of brothers went this crazy活塞球迷:加索尔这兄弟俩竟然都打得这么好,也真是古怪[–]Trail Blazers MaynardJimmyKeenan 50 指標 4小時前Kahwi and Meyers Leonard would like a word开拓者球迷:卡哇伊-莱昂纳德和迈尔斯-莱昂纳德有话要说。[–]Raptors TheSimonToUrGarfunkl 90 指標 5小時前I’d say Michael and Jerome Jordan were just as impressive猛龙球迷:那我觉得迈克尔-乔丹和杰罗梅-乔丹也不虚哦[–][BOS] Kevin Garnett Prince_OfCanada 4 指標 8小時前Serious question. Which Gasol has had a better career?凯尔特人球迷:说真的,哪个加索尔的职业生计更超卓?[–]MrPewpyButtwhole 12 指標 8小時前Marc with the better longevity, Pau with the higher peak.弟弟的生计能打的时刻更长,哥哥的巅峰期更强。[–]Lakers Polar_Reflection 45 指標 6小時前*Iono if you can give Marc the "better longevity" award–Pau has been in the league 6 years longer than Marc and played in more 400 more games– of course he has fallen off a cliff the last couple of years.湖人球迷:你要说小加“能打的时刻更长”的话,那大加在联盟待的时刻可比小加还多6年,并且打得竞赛也多了400场——当然了,他这几个赛季现已没那个才能了。————————[–]Nuggets loplopplop 51 指標 9小時前Everyone always asks what a great historical matchup would be but I’d love to see the grit and grind Grizzlies vs the Shaq and Kobe Lakers. I don’t think the Griz would win the series by any means, but damn would that be a knock down drag out series.掘金球迷:咱们一向会问,怎样的对决算得上是前史级的强强对话,我的答案是黑又硬年代的灰熊遇上OK组合时期的湖人。我觉得无论怎么灰熊都赢不下系列赛,可灰熊会把你榨干。[–]Mavericks mrHoohs 74 指標 9小時前mark would not be able to stop shaq …独行侠球迷:小加索尔可拦不住奥尼尔……[–]Grizzlies theDarkAngle 27 指標 6小時前No and no one is claiming that exactly. But great defenses could contain shaq though especially after teams started implementing their zone-like schemes. Marc is a good starting point for defending Shaq within a team concept.Gasol would also have posed a problem for Shaq offensively with the way he operates from the high post, and later from the three point line.灰熊球迷:的确拦不住,也没人这么说。不过超卓的防卫会限制住奥尼尔,在团队作战的概念下,小加会是个很好的防卫发起点。并且小加能够在进攻端使用自己的高位进攻和三分投射给奥尼尔制作费事[–]Magics vanxx 21 指標 7小時前No one stopped Shaq, but Hakeem was one of the few that was better than him when they played against each other.戏法球迷:没人能拦得住奥尼尔,不过有那么几个人的确在面临奥尼尔时能占得优势,奥拉朱旺便是其中之一。[–]Trail Blazers sharpstud 13 指標 6小時前Didn’t yao match up pretty well against him too?开拓者球迷:姚明最初碰上奥尼尔不是也打得挺好?[–]Rularuu 18 指標 5小時前Yao was one of the few players Shaq respected/still respects. Shaq still won most of their matchups but it was definitely close.姚明是奥尼尔较为尊敬的那么几个球员之一。他俩的对话里奥尼尔赢得了大多数,不过局面肯定是很挨近的。————————[–]76ers supzy0 191 指標 11小時前*well gasol is one of the top 5 centers in the past decade or so lol, people forget how great he was during the grit n grind era76人球迷:小加但是曩昔十年来前五的中锋之一啊,哈哈,许多人都忘了黑又硬年代的他有多强。[–]Zwickz26 9 指標 10小時前Masai acquiring Garc Masol was a brilliant move.乌杰里搞来小加索尔这可真是妙笔[–]pwd9398 464 指標 11小時前Honeslty in the East, Gasol is worth hanging on to just to regularly son Embiid and Vucevic. Everything else is gravy说真的,在东部,仅凭日常吊打恩比德和武切维奇就值得留住小加索尔,其他的都是额定福利。[–]45MJ23 29 指標 9小時前I’m glad Vucevic was acknowledged. He had a very good, all-nba caliber season one season ago and has always performed well against Embiid himself. Too bad he’s rarely spoken of.武切维奇被认可我仍是挺快乐的。一个赛季之前,他打出了一个十分超卓的赛季最佳阵等级的体现,并且他常常碰上恩比德总能有上佳发挥。惋惜咱们一向不怎么吹他。[–]Magic svanxx 13 指標 7小時前Gasol is so good against Vuc, that he decided to use voodoo to take him out of the last game. Not that he needed to, Vuc was already 1-7 when he went down.戏法球迷:小加对上武切维奇的时分打得是真好,乃至还用上“巫术”使其因伤下场。其实也没那个必要,武切维奇受伤离场前就现已7中1了。[–][MEM] Andrew Harris onepicnerd427 203 指標 10小時前His scoring touch ain’t where it was but his D and passing are still good enough to be worth playing.He ain’t getting another 20mil a year contract but he probably has a few more years left just to son the best Cs of the east灰熊球迷:小加的得分手感没曾经那么尖锐了,可他的防卫和传球仍然很见功力,这就足认为他争取到进场时刻了。他今后不会得到年薪2000万的合同了,但是他或许还能再打几年,专门经验那些东部尖端中锋。[–]probablymade_thatup 94 指標 10小時前Is the East just the size division? Aside from the Lakers, the West is much more oriented toward small ball, but the East has the Raps, Sixers, and Bucks who play tall ball莫非东部是只靠身高区别的吗?除了湖人,西部更多地是以小球为主,但是在东部,猛龙、76人和雄鹿都是玩大球。[–][MIL] Bill Zopf FKJVMMP 18 指標 6小時前The Raptors’ starting back court is a pair of guys who’d be lucky to hit 6’, and we play four guard lineups with Giannis at centre semi-regularly (we had Sterling Brown on Andre Drummond for a bit against the Pistons the other day, looked hilarious).We’re just versatile.雄鹿球迷:猛龙的先发后场是一对连6英尺都够呛的小个子,而咱们也会时不时得打四后卫阵型,配上字母哥打中锋(前几天打活塞的时分咱们乃至用斯特林-布朗对位庄神,看起来蛮搞笑的)。[–][TOR] Chauncey Billups kingcasus 72 指標 10小時前The Raps play some small lineups a lot but with Ibaka back we’ll be playing a lot taller. Throw in Orlando who has some big lineups as well猛龙球迷:猛龙也常常打一些小个阵型,但是伊巴卡回来之后,咱们的高度会进步许多。戏法也有些大个阵型。[–]Pacers MindofShadow 47 指標 9小時前pacers also start Turner, Sabonis, Warren with a 6’5 point guard步行者球迷:步行者也会让特纳、萨博尼斯、沃伦一起首发,再配上一个6尺5的控卫。————————来历:Reddit编译:云长刮个痧a.topic-link {margin: 10px auto;display: block;width: 600px;}.topic-box {width: 600px;height: 75px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101388748.png’) repeat-x;margin: 0 auto;position: relative;}.topic-thumb {position: absolute;left: 5px;top: 3px;height: 69px;width: 92px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_170919/zt_3111505780239.jpg’) no-repeat;background-size: 100% 100%;}.topic-angular{position: absolute;right:0;top:0;width:46px;height:42px;background:url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101463680.png’) no-repeat;}.topic-box b {position: absolute;left: 105px;right: 15px;color: white;line-height: 75px;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;}美帝键盘侠—歪果仁精彩谈论汇总


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